Our home town is Denizli/Turkey. City is located on the South West part of Turkey called Aegean Region and mainly known for its textile industry and Tourisms. Region has been an agriculture and textile city throughout the centuries. Thanks to its climate and Meander River passing the city, The best long staple Turish Cotton is grown. The climate has more sunny days and is less rainy which is a perfect environment for cotton



Nesa Tekstil is located on the Industrial Zone and established in 1995 by Nevzat Özel. Nesa, family owned company, is one of the largest production facility in the region with 35.700 sqm closed area including, weaving, dying, cutting and sewing facilities.


Industrial Zone is one of the most important and organised industrial zone at  Agean Area with 150 factories and nearly 30.000 workers .

Zone is awarded being the most eco-friendly Industrial Zone in Turkey with its treatment plants between 2012 to 2014.

Zone has design for companies and workers with health center, nursery school, textile school and social facilities. Zone has special fire substructure and fire department.



Weaving Department

Our monthly capacity for weaving department is 380 tones of terry fabric (apprx 1,5 million pcs of towel + 200.000 bathrobe) and 40.000mt woven fabric (apprx 4.000 sets of bedding)

Machine Structure

1 Sizing Machine

1 Direct Warping Machine

1 Sectional Warping Machine

20 Dobby Weaving Looms

24 Jacquard Weaving Looms

12 Jacquard Flat Fabric Weaving Looms

Dye House

Our monthly capacity for dying department is 700 tones of terry fabric (apprx 3 million pcs of towel + 500.000 bathrobe). Cotton, viscose, bamboo, polyester and mixed terry and knitted fabrics can be dyed.


      1 Bleaching

      1 Cold Bleaching 

      1 Pad Batch

      1 Washing


      3 Raw Fabric Spreading


  2  1200 Kg HT

  1  900 KG ht

  5  600 Kg HT

  3  400 Kg HT

  4  300 Kg HT

  1  200 Kg HT

  2  150 Kg HT

  1  100 Kg HT

  1  50 Kg HT

  2  25 Kg HT

  1  10 Kg HT


4 Quality Control


1 Egalizer

1 Lamination


1 Brushing


6 Centrifugal


We have our own in house test labarotory in dye house. Our testing facility is capable to do almost all physical tests include dimensional stability;colour fastness tests of washing,water; dry and wet rubbing; absorbency;alcali and acid perspiration and colour fastness to chlorined water

Our quality assurance experts in NESA, operates to ensure product regulatory requirements and expected performance and quality, through textile testing and analysis. We focus on individual client requirements throughout production cycles to evaluate and develop quality and solutions that meet client demands, comply with regulatory standards and enhance consumer satisfaction.


Our monthly capacity for sewing department is arround 1.2 million pcs of towel + 200.000 pcs of bathrobes.

We have 2 cross hemming machine with a capacity of 600.000 pcs and also available lock stitch for a capacity 600.000 pcs

Work Force

Team is the most important value for NESA as a result more than 20 % of the workers, working at Nesa since its been established.






Export Ratio

Major market for NESA is Europe and United States. Working with medium to high-end customers with varitey of product including, woven cotton terry fabrics to polyester blend knitted items.