Towels Made in Turkey

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Nesa Tekstil is established in 1994 by Nevzat Özel. Headquarter is in Denizli where the Organized Industrial Zone with business operations in more than 20 countries and regions. Nesa is one of the largest production facility in the region with 35.700 sq km closed area including weaving, dye-house, cutting and sewing facilities. Main showroom located at Denizli, where the factory is. Nesa opened its first overseas showroom in New York, in 2017.

U.S.A & Canada






$ 40 million Turnover
Vertical Production
650 Employees

Towels Made in Turkey


Weaving department has two facilities which are;
- Yarn Warehouse, Wrapping and Seizing facilities
- Weaving room

In 2016, Nesa renovate its weaving room by adding 24 air jet looms. Which increases daily production to 22 tons, in other words 1.1 million* pieces of towel per month

*Average towel grams assumed 500 per piece.


22 Tons Daily
Vertical Production
14 Jacquard Looms
1.1 million monthly production

Towels Made in Turkey

Dye - House

We have our own in house test laboratory in dye house.

Our testing facility is capable to do almost all physical tests including, dimensional stability; colour fastness tests of washing; water; dry and wet rubbing; absorbency; alcali and acid perspiration and colour fastness to chlorined water.


40 Tons Daily
Overlow & Pad Batch
Reactive & Vat Dye
Testing Laboratory

Towels Made in Turkey


Our quality assurance experts in NESA, operates to ensure product regulatory requirements and expected performance and quality, through textile testing and analysis.

We focus on individual client requirements throughout production cycles to evaluate and develop quality and solutions that meet client demands, comply with regulatory standarts and enhance consumer satisfaction.


1m. Pieces Daily
Track by ASP

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